March 03, 2017

Boogie Down Productions 'Criminal Minded' Turns 30!

30 Years! This one makes me feel old. I was a drop too young to cop the physical in '87, but the beef in Queens was well-known - 'The Bridge' vs 'The Bridge Is Over' took on a life of its own. I settled for a dub from my boy Eddie until '92 when I copped the 'Criminal Minded' cassette at Tower Records in The Village. By then, the album was a classic and I just needed it for my collection. A retrospective in Vibe was published in 9/04: "The gangsterisms of KRS-One and Scott La Rock's debut bust shots for all hard-core hip hop. From gunplay and crack addiction to STDs, KRS's gritty "South Bronx" tales over head-splitting beats infiltrated boom boxes across America, confirming that the BX was still number one." Now, it's 30 years old and KRS is STILL active as an artist and teacher for the culture. Back in 2008, Smirnoff brought KRS-One & DJ Premier together to make Criminal Minded '08 as part of their Smirnoff Series. It was released on vinyl along with Common & Q-Tip also doing remakes. There were a few other solid remakes released in the series too. I was fortunate that a friend came through Fat Beats and hit me with a promo. R.I.P. Scott La Rock.