March 08, 2017

Gang Starr "Hard To Earn" (3/8/94) + 'Doe In Advance' (12")

Gang Starr Hard to Earn ADvertisement 1994

Man, Gang Starr got so much money off me for 'Hard To Earn.' It started with ‘Now You’re Mine’ off the ‘White Man Can’t Rap’ soundtrack in 1992. I copped the EP just for that and of course, the remix to Main Source’s ‘Fakin The Funk.’ Also in ’92, the original release of ‘DWYCK,’ which was a smash everyone needed in the crates - it bubbled for years before it’s official release on the LP. I'm thinking maybe the classic, 'Mass Appeal,' came next - then, 'Code of the Streets' bw 'Speak Ya Clout' and lastly, 'The ? Remainz' bw 'Suckas Need Bodyguards.' Add all the 12's, EP, and the album - across all the formats and yeah, that's why I need storage lol A bonus to this post: originally, the 'The ? Remainz' 12" was going to have 'Doe In Advance' on the B-Side, but they couldn't clear the Ohio Players sample, so they went with 'Suckas Need Bodyguards' and I believe 'Doe In Advance' was on a Japanese release of the album. You can listen to the full 12" with 'Doe In Advance' and 'Brooklyn' (a cut I've heard was originally an exclusive for a PF Cuttin mixtape) below. R.I.P., Guru.