March 31, 2017

Gang Starr "Moment of Truth" (Press Kit, 1998)

Gang Starr Moment of Truth Press Kit 1998

19 years later, I can still hear the debates happening: What is the best Gang Starr album? For me, the debate between 'Hard to Earn' and 'Moment of Truth' is the toughest of all of them. Gang Starr released 'Moment of Truth' on this date in 1998, which was four years after 'Hard To Earn.' I sat with 'Hard To Earn' for so long that my attachment to it is much greater, but when I listen to 'Moment of Truth,' I do feel like this is their best work. The title track was possibly Guru at his best, most introspective and most timeless. DJ Premier's production showed range and progression in a way that competes only with his work on Group Home's 'Livin Proof.' In '98, there was a shift happening in music and Gang Starr's presence was needed in that climate. I remember having a hard time finding 'You Know My Steez' on 12", it was flying off the shelves. Hearing Scarface on DJ Premier's production was everything; Inspectah Deck did his thing on 'Above The Clouds,' and even K-Ci & JoJo didn't feel like a stretch on 'Royalty.' The inner-debate comes down to nostalgia and best vs. favorite; 'Daily Operation' and 'Hard To Earn' were defining albums in my life, but I appreciate 'Moment of Truth' for their messages and how cohesive it was as a project. The debates will go on, but to me, 'Moment of Truth' is their best work ultimately because it has the most depth. Either way, we all WIN as fans of Gang Starr. Salute, Premo & R.I.P. Guru. Once again, dig in below...

"Actions have reactions, don't be quick to judge
You may not know the hardships people don't speak of
It's best to step back, and observe with couth
For we all must meet our moment of truth"

"Cultivate, multiply, motivate, or else we'll die
You know I be the master of the who, what, where and why"

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