March 16, 2017

Joe Budden "Ordinary Love Shit, Part 1-4"

"Let me start with 'I love you', and I think we got the power to grow...." Yeah, different song, but if you watch the podcast, you get the joke. In what's currently a 4 part series, "Ordinary Love" span'd multiple relationships, break-ups & shifts in the life of a man who is destined to see retirement as the gateway to all the things he once coveted as an artist. The relationship with Cyn Santana seems destined for marriage & a Love & Hip-Hop reboot, I'm sure they are in talks already. Music-wise, he may never sell a million and shit, but he definitely did keep it real with his fans and peers, so the cries for new music should lend a rewarding smile to his face, when surely that's the last thing on his mind. Life has its watershed moments - times when we must pivot, make some tough choices, and rebrand when it's necessary. Time reveals some people to be geniuses in that regard & it's only when you look back on how far they've come that you appreciate what it took to get there. Sure, he's still a lil' off in the head, but this is the first time in his career where I've seen him use his happyness, not misery, to fuel his career & for that, you gotta salute the man + hope he keeps pushing forward. Oh, and tune in to the Joe Budden Podcast (I'll Name This Podcast Later). I cosign that, weekly. Props to DJ Smu for piecing these 4 parts together, stream it below. (Updated, 2018)