January 03, 2017

Great Rapperths With Lithps (Ego Trip Magazine)

Back in the Ego Trip Mag days, they published an article about rappers with lisps: "Although great, Mase isn't the only rapper with speech-challenged chatter. Can't nobody hold down these other great rappers who can't hold down vowels either. 1) Kool G Rap: The OG lisp rapper. Professor of the hardest lisp in hip-hop history. Corona, Queens' rhyme wrecker supreme continues to transcend speech impediments with the most violent and sexist lyrics known to man. Sylvester the Cat never talked sex like this. Best lyrical lisp reference: "Well equipped with a hip hop lip / My memory bank is like a microchip," from "Jive Talk." 2) Erick Sermon: The Green-Eyed Bandit's engaging lisp, molasses-thick flow and tendency to break out into song provided just the right sugar to partner Parrish Smith's spice on early EPMD records. With E and P happily back together again, broken mics covered in saliva are again business as usual: "I can't forget how they used to dis / Sayin' 'He can't rap cuz he talks with a lisp," from "It Wasn't Me, It Was The Fame." 3) Biz Markie: For years, the diabolical one has made the music with his mouth as only he can. Hope you weren't in the front row: "Listen to the way and what I'm displayin' / A different type of rap language that I am sayin'," from "Nobody Beats The Biz." 4) Lil' Dap: The pride of East New York represents the future of the lisp in hip hop. As both frequent Gang Starr guest and one half of the Group Home's low-budget environment, Dap's mouth sprays more than Jeru's mind: "Check it out party people as I speak with a lisp / People say we couldn't do it cuz they can't feel it," from "Inna City Life." // I had audio with this post, but it got taken down. Oh well, f#ck it. Artwork by Nelson Dedos Garcia