March 26, 2017

Non Phixion "The Future Is Now" (Billboard, 2002)

"Tales of Non Phixion: The Future Is Now is an appropriate title for the long-awaited full-length debut from underground purveyors Non Phixion. After making a name for themselves via independent 12-inch singles like "5 Boros" and "Legacy," the New York-based quartet of Ill Bill, Goretex, Sabac Red, and DJ Eclipse has finally released a 15-track set via Bill's Uncle Howie imprint and distributed by Landspeed. "We've been trying to get an album out there for years," Bill says. "We've been together since '95. We were signed to Geffen in '96, and we were hoping to have an album out by '97 or '98. This is really just long overdue, and it's finally popping off now. We got tired of having too many cooks in the kitchen," he adds of why the group went indie. "It just came to the point where over the years we had learned so much about the business that we didn't really need anyone else to handle a lot of the aspects of the label - we're able to make a lot of the decisions for ourselves. We had a finished label and no distribution, so we sat down with a few distributors, and Landspeed came up with the best deal." Cont'd below after the video for "Rock Stars."

"The Future Is Now features production from heavyweights like Necro, DJ Premier, and Juju of the Beatnuts. "The majority of the album was produced by Necro, Bill's brother, because that's family," Eclipse notes. "We also wanted to work with people that we grew up listening to, so when we got the opportunity, we stepped to cats like Pete Rock and the Large Professor, and then it was just a matter of timing." "We wanted to make a classic," Goretex adds. "That's why we got with the producers that we did." - Billboard, May 18, 2002. The album was released on March 26, 2002.