Saturday, April 01, 2017

Wu-Syndicate: 'Where Was Heaven' (1999)

Wu-Syndicate 'Where Was Heaven' (1999) Wu-Syndicate 'Where Was Heaven' (1999)

'Growing up was hell, no doubt / I wonder where was heaven.' Wu-Syndicate released their debut self-titled album in April 1999, through Wu-Tang Records. The Virginia-based group includes Joe Mafia, Myalansky, and Napoleon, who wasn't credited in the title because he was locked up when the LP dropped. The RZA executive produced the project, but arguably in name only. Wu-Syndicate's lead single 'Where Was Heaven' was produced by DJ Devastator with a separate version on the Wu-Tang Killa Bees compilation, The Swarm Vol.1. The compilation went Gold and a video for the LP version was released featuring a quick cameo from Method Man. Wu fans are more leery of Wu-affiliated releases these days, but back in '99, there was a decent buzz for this project and Myalansky's vocals resonated with listeners on the single. After long delays with legal & label issues, The Syndicate returned with a mixtape in 2007 and a sophomore album in 2009. Each member had released solo material prior and they continue to work on new projects. There have been a couple shots from Myalansky sent in Pusha T's direction, can anyone explain that beef? The album is on iTunes & CDs are available at Discogs; I think it's worth dusting off a copy & watching the video below. 'I wonder if heaven has a place on this planet ... You'd find me right there.'