Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Beanie Sigel 'The B.Coming' Vibe Review (2005)

This is the Beanie Sigel album that took me by surprise. Yes, 'The Truth' and 'The Reason' were the Beans we came to know and love at the time, but for me, it was the deeper, more introspective Beans on those albums that made me pay closer attention. As the Vibe review says, 'Beanie Sigel allows his brute aggression to take back seat to introspection with his third release.' Yes, spot on - and I was here for it. In his catalog, its tracks like his verse on 'Where Have You Been,' the follow-up 'Still Got Love For You,' then 'Remember Them Days' and even 'Feel It In The Air' to name a few. Ironically, as many of you may know - Black Rob had a track called 'Permanent Scars' that used the same beat as 'Feel It In The Air,' but Beans had the better song. The review pictured above is from June, 2005. Why would Vibe wait so long to review the album? Either way, this is an album that deserves more light so I welcome the chance to discuss it. I wish Beans good health, less foolish rap beef, and much more success in life and music.