July 14, 2016

Slum Village "Detroit Deli" (Vibe Magazine, 7/04)

"With soulful samples, witty lyrics, and memorable cameos, Detroit Deli is a breakthrough for Slum Village. Potential singles abound, whether it's "Old Girl/Shining Star," about the troubles endured by round-the-way women; or "Selfish," an R&B-inspired relationship song featuring Kanye West and John Legend; or "Do You," an old-school gangsta track featuring Michigan's MC Breed. A few so-so moments, like the jarring appearance by Dirt McGirt (ODB) on "Dirty," prevent the album sounding flawless. No matter, with Deli, Slum Village claims its rightful place in hip hop's global village."

"And deep inside my bones I'm believing 
that my poems that I'm reading is the songs to my freedom
But life can be known as deceiving, what I'm shown isn't pleasing
Makes me wanna throw stones at a deacon in his home when he preaching
See that's Satan making my heart cold as a breeze till it's frozen from freezing
Gotta get right, I might not make it over this evening
Cause your time period is shorter than breath going from wheezing..."