July 28, 2016

Masta Ace "Take A Look Around" (Press Kit, 1990)

"Achieve Cause Today Is Over Now
As Clearly As Time Is On No
Apparent Course Toward Improvement, Only Negativity"

"Take the first letters of this bold statement, put them together and you've spelled out Action to the 3rd power: the credo of one of today's most exciting, original and aware young rappers: Master Ace. More than just a master wordsmith, Ace, and his accomplished DJ Steady Pace, are laying out a gameplan for the '90s, in a musical manifesto that stresses hope, optimism and achievement. It's a powerful messaged summed up in streetwise language and irresistible rhythms on Master Ace's brand new album for Reprise/Cold Chillin' Records, Take A Look Around, featuring the def new single "Me And The Biz" -- a tribute to producer Biz Markie and the subject of one of the freshest videos of the season." It adds, "A lot of people think that Master Ace is a duo," asserts this college educated rapper from the streets of Brooklyn. "It's really a group of likeminded people, who are heavily involved in the battle against dope, violence and despair." Masta Ace is just the spokesman...

Below is a portion of the press kit mentioned above, from 1990.