July 23, 2016

Main Source "Breaking Atoms" (Spin, 1992 + 25th Ann. Mix)

"K-Cut and Scratch (Toronto) discovered rap after moving to Queens, New York, in the late '70s. They met up with member Large Professor in high school and a team was born. Large Professor went on to do studio work for Roxanne Shante and Kool G Rap, and the trio worked together on tracks for Queen Latifah. The three may come from different places, but as far as music is concerned, they're in the same tribe. And it was clear that they wanted "to come up with a whole new joint." Blending jazz and pop and reggae licks, Main Source created a sound that transcends the usual hip hop sonic cliches with wit, innovation, and style." - Spin Magazine, January 1992. To honor a masterpiece in Hip hop music, Hellee Hooper put together this dope mix to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Breaking Atoms by Main Source - although the actual release date is debatable - it's more likely closer to January, 1991. Either way, much respect to the Xtra P, listen to the mix below!