July 18, 2016

The Combat Jack Show "Stretch & Bobbito Episode"

For the latest episode of the Combat Jack Show, the crew brings out the legends of New York indie radio, Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Garcia. The Stretch & Bobbito show lives in a special place in Hip-Hop history because it jumpstarted the careers of damn near every legendary MC to come out of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Kids like me stayed up late on school nights with our headphone jacks in & our fingers on record, then listening back to make a shopping list of what records to cop at the local record store that week. 20 years later, the internet still circulates copies of those shows from tape to MP3, and I still have the same feeling MCs had in the "Radio That Changed Lives" documentary when Stretch & Bobbito played them back their live freestyles from the 90s. It's great that their chemistry is still there, as well their warm sense of humor, and they still have a fresh perspective to offer all these years later! You'll wanna listen to this one, click play below.