July 07, 2016

Joe Budden "Wake" (Prod. by araabMUZIK)

"Introspection means dig deep, let's look below the wealth
I wanna know myself
How you tell bitches know they self
When you don't even know yourself?
You wouldn't know yourself
Say he Canadian, maybe Asian, Croatian
Be sounding like his Jamaican friends, depend on what state he in
I think you rap good, but you a movie star
So that owl's appropriate, we don't know who you are
Where did the boy's brain change? Was it the club scene?
Now you sound like you use people and love things
But later for how you use people and love things..."

I look at this "battle" and say to myself, there's 0 incentive for Drake to jump in this beef; he leverages his celebrity too well. It speaks for itself. Tracks like this, however, further prove that Joe is a top tier lyricist and he's the sibling-like rapper that knows exactly what to say to hit where it hurts, lol. In the end, this will be a loose track in the catalog of a superior MC that continues to showcase the best of his abilities on tracks that never end up on an album. I can say that for "Whatever It Takes" and several others he's recorded as features and mixtape cuts over the years. I salute his pen, and wish we'd get more but we won't. And that's okay, I think Joe's gonna find more success in media than rap, and there's no defeating Drake in the long-run, the conversation will just shift (win or lose) and things will go back to regularly scheduled programming. Either way, enjoy below and go back and re-listen to "All Love Lost," definitely one of my favorite albums from 2015.