July 25, 2016

50 Cent "50 Cent Is The Future" (Mixtape, 2004)

Even before he had everyone in the club working it out, 50 Cent knew he had to appeal to the masses. The Future is the genesis of a new subgenre: gangsta pop. Though 50 and his fledgling crew of pals pack this protean effort with plenty of grimy street dreams, the seeds of a rap balladeer were firmly planted here. A triumph of muscular melody. - Vibe, March 2007. Any idea what they just said? lol. To summarize: 50 Cent Is The Future was a classic mixtape on the streets... 50 Cent and G-Unit had it on lock at the time. The G-Unit Radio series; God's Plan; No Mercy No Fear, even Guess Who's Back before them - he had fans captivated and his solo debut release Get Rich or Die Tryin overdelivered on all his promises of greatness. While greater success and access to more revenue streams have taken him further away from music as of late, 50 Cent's legacy was cemented early, and it's still enjoyable to go back and listen to this early material. That said, listen to 50 Cent Is The Future below and way off topic, that Carl Banks (Giants) jersey is still dope to this day too!

Check out the tracklist and a copy of the Vibe review below...