Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rasheed Chappell "Future Before Nostalgia" (Album Stream)

Another super talented MC that I've been following for several years, the homie, Rasheed Chappell. I was first introduced through my friend and co-worker at Fat Beats, DJ Dyllemma, when he and I were doing mixes together. He played me "Building 8," and my ears were wide open, then through the scene, Rasheed and I crossed paths at shows, PNC Studios, etc. I put Eternia on to the music, she became a fan and connections were built that are still strong to this day. An untold story: Rasheed was scheduled to do an interview with my homie, TCM, at PNC Studios years back and I was planning to check with him about possibly managing him. The music Gods had other plans - Rasheed was unable to make it in-studio for the interview, he had to do a phoner instead. Not long after, I was proud to hear that my OG, DJ Eclipse, was actually managing him, so it worked out better in the end, lol. Anyhow, check out snippets from the phenomenal project, "Future Before Nostalgia," with Kenny Dope (released 5 years ago today), and be sure to purchase a copy HERE!