July 09, 2016

Homeboy Sandman "Unsigned Hype" (The Source, 6/08)

"Chris Rock should be psyched to know that Homeboy Sandman keeps it real instead of real dumb. The Elmhurst, Queens MC is equally book smart and street smart, and, most impressively, he showcases attitude and aptitude on beats. Outside of music, Sandman earned an Ivy League diploma from U-Penn and a New York City teaching fellowship before he turned twenty-three. Considering his academic feats, headhunters might argue that he's far too employable to be rocking underground bills at New York spots like Crash Mansion and the legendary Nuyorican Poets Cafe. But this dude is not about the cash. Sandman's sole purpose is to get authentic rap artists some mainstream shine. "I want every record in this collection / On every radio getting reception / In every neck of the woods and neighborhood in every direction," he rhymes on "Extreme Measures." Always advancing down inventive paths, Sandman chases last year's Nourishment with Actual Factual Terradactyl, which features production from Madlib, Skammadix and his go-to beat team, 2 Hungry Bros. And if his history of dropping eternally eclectic singles like "Lightning Bolt" and "Knock Em Out" is any indication, the only thing to expect is to not know what to expect." - The Source, June 2008. With all the success he's seen since, if you ask him if things have changed? He'll answer, "Not Really."