August 29, 2014

Das EFX "Dead Serious" (The Source, 5/92)

"If you want to know where underground New York hip-hop is headed next, drop a TV set in the sewer. Question: where's the connection? Answer: Das EFX, the new two man crew consisting of Krazy Drayz from Jersey and the Books in reverse (Skoob) from Brooklyn. The sludge funk beats ooze out the sewer vibes while Drayz and Books kick stiggedy stuttering Porky Pig ghetto phonetics. The first MC that might come to mind when you hear Das EFX is probably Busta Rhymes because of the zany concepts, but their style doesn't stop there. They can get quick like Treach or slow it down like EPMD. Not only have they innovated a new rhyme flow that expands on all these styles, but they have brought back fun filled hip-hop. Lyrics are packed with random, off-the-wall punch lines from TV sitcoms and commercials like "that's pret-ty sneak sis" from the Connect Four commercial, and "Sit UBU sit." It seems like these brothers get most of their lyrical inspiration from blunted late nights in front of the TV set." A VHS video released with the album is below... (Updated).

"The tracks are consistently fat throughout the album. All production was done by the artists and overseen by EPMD ("diggedy down with the Hit Squad, Eye!"). Nothing too complex here, just a solid funky bottom is enough for Books and Drayz to get buck wild all over the tracks. Their sound is best characterized by two of the fattest beats of all time: the beat from Kane's "Ain't No Half Steppin" (used three times on the album) and the beat used on Organized Konfusion's "Who Stole My Last Piece of CHicken" (used twice). Their lyrical topics never stray too far away from raw freestyle rhymes, but the style itself will keep you listening. The cut that really stands out as something is "They Want EFX," which happens to be their debut single. The track is a just a simple loop from the Black Caesar soundtrack with an ill guitar lick that you might recognize from Lord Finesse's first album. But the second the rhymes come in, you'll know they're on some 'ole next shit."