August 06, 2014

The Combat Jack Show "Cormega Episode"

The latest episode of the #1 podcast, the Combat Jack Show, features the Queens veteran Cormega. In stark contrast to every trend and negative stereotype plaguing our culture, Cormega & Large Professor have stepped up to release a golden era album in 2014 with their latest effort "Mega Philosophy." Cormega has stepped into the role of street poet & reinvented his career with the same formula that got him on; he's just stayed on a consistent and positive path to get it done, independently. On the production is Large Professor, who is a humble giant in the music industry; he's the guy behind the guy for many of hip-hop's most impressive collaborations & has done it all without changing his slang, his roots or his unique perspective; a man of true loyalty. Cormega walks listeners through a track by track of "Mega Philosophy," get a proper listen to the interview below!