August 01, 2014

The Whooliganz "Put Your Handz Up" (1993)

The Whooliganz were a duo consisting of Mudfoot (Alchemist) and Mad Skillz (Scott Caan). They met as young kids in Beverly Hils, performing and making names for themselves when they were introduced to Quincy Jones III and created a demo that caught the ear of B-Real and the Soul Assassins. They were signed to Tommy Boy & recorded a debut album called "Make Way for The W," which featured the lead single, "Put Your Handz Up." The single was released on CD, Vinyl and Cassette in '93 with production from DJ Lethal; copies of which I bought in downtown Manhattan while visiting my mom working at the World Trades Center at the time ... I remember that day very well. The album was shelved soon after, but a second single was released by another label 2 years later. Mad Skillz moved on to acting & Mudfoot became the legendary producer, the Alchemist,; both seeing much success in their respective careers. The shelved album eventually leaked online as a cassette rip, unearthing a couple gems in the 15-track release that featured B-Real on 3 tracks as well as a feature from Everlast. I always liked their logo, their sound was on par for their time & I even recall the VHS tape The Wiz gave out as promo with The Whooliganz on it. Listen to "Put Your Handz Up below" and I'm sure I'll post more in future posts. (Updated: new video added)