August 02, 2014

Ice Cube "It Was A Good Day" (Hip Hop Connection, 1993)

"It Was A Good Day" is perhaps the most obvious, radio-friendly single to come from Ice Cube since "Express Yourself." A seriously smooth rap slips like soft ice cream over a loop from the Isley Brothers' laidback "Footsteps In The Dark" as Cube soberly reflects on a rare day without trouble in South Central... "Most of my records is talking about how f#cked up shit is," says Ice Cube. "But realistically, as far as day-to-day living is concerned, some days are cool. Some days, shit don't go wrong, don't nobody f#ck with me. I just wanted to do a record on a day where everything was cool and it wasn't no beef. But the next day it goes back to the same ol' thing. That's why, on the album, I put "We Had To Tear This MF Up" right after that song." Check the visuals for it below...

"I have people scared to come up and say 'wassup' to me 'cause they think I'm the meanest motherf#cker ever. I'm not mad 24 hours a day, but I'm thinking 24 hours a day." - Hip-Hop Connection, 1993. "It Was A Good Day" was released in February 1993 as the second single from his third solo album, The Predator. Although fans have taken clues from the lyrics and attempted to pinpoint the exact date the song was written, it remains an unsolved mystery, as Ice Cube states the song was purely fictional. It has clearly mad for some entertaining blog posts nonetheless.