August 19, 2014

DJ JS-1 "DEMOlition Mix" (Mixtape)

A 91-track, 3 hour long mix of DEMOs from DJ JS-1! I know JS personally, so I know that I'm not gonna be able to explain this any better than he would (nor more entertainingly), so I'll let him tell it .... "For the past year or two I've collected a bunch of demos from many of our favorite hip hop artists. I have a collection of approximately 350 to 400 demos and rare tracks. I narrowed that down to my favorite 100 and made this mix. There are a few things to keep in mind about this new mix: first, these are all demos, many of them from cassette tapes, poorly recorded, duplicated & copied over the years; played on radio shows, etc, so the sound quality is not top notch. The sound is the best it could be considering what this is. Second, when I say demo, I mean that literally ... many of these are actual "demos" in the traditional sense of the first recordings they made to shop for record deals. Others are unreleased songs; some that are not completed, some are songs that have been released but this is the original version or unreleased remix. Some are just very rare unreleased songs that I wouldn't necessarily classify as a "demo." And finally, these are my favorites. This whole mix is worth it just for the unreleased KRS-ONE and DJ PREMIER track that didn't make the Return of the Boom Bap album... I hope you enjoy this and appreciate the history and super-special rare treats hidden in this mix. No matter how "hip hop" you think you are and how cool and knowledgeable you perceive yourself to be, there is ALWAYS more to learn and more treats to find. There are thousands of songs, so dig, dig, dig, and dig some more..." Listen below & props to JS-1.