August 04, 2014

Brown Bag AllStars "The Brown Tape" (2009)

The Brown Bag AllStars was formed in 2007 while its members were working and interning at Fat Beats. Koncept, Soul Khan and Cold Codeine were writing verses and freestyling on beats made by J57 and The Audible Doctor at Jesse Shatkin's studio until they went on to (officially) release their debut project titled The Brown Tape on August 4, 2009 through Coalmine Records. I wasn't there back in '07, but I met the crew in '08 and became friends/co-workers. It's been dope to see their hard work pay big dividends. Yeah, the BBAS crew has shed a few members over the years, but all groups have growing pains, as artists move in different directions (as solo artists) or move on to different ventures in/out of music. I was diggin' through some boxes and came across an original copy of the Brown Bag Mixtape, in it's original packaging. Still enclosed in it's brown bag, the crew was dope enough to sign a copy, and no matter what, they are family and I support all their efforts! Working at Fat Beats was one of the best times of my adult life, so many great experiences and definitely being surrounded by creative energy brought good things out of me, as well. This was the soundtrack to '08-09... revisiting it again today on the 5th anniversary of it's official release.