August 04, 2014

Organized Konfusion "Stress" (The Source, 8/94)

"It just may be that all geniuses are destined to be misunderstood, but even still, this group of lyrical masterminds have gotten more than their deserved share of stress. After one underappreciated album and years of underground critical acclaim, Pharoahe Monch and Prince Poetry are finally back to take a few swings for the recognition and success they deserve. But until their new album drops, fans can settle their cravings with "Stress," the group's artistic response to the tribulations of the rap game." More about Organized Konfusion's classic single, Stress, below...

"The original version surrounds the brain with eerie synth slides, discordant trumpet blasts and dense drums. You find yourself tensing up as the chorus seethes, "Crush / Kill / Destroy / Stress." And then Monch concocts his complex molecular compounds with lyrics like, "You will now consider me the apocalyptic one / After this rhyme / Henceforth there is none / No more will exist when I emerge from the mist in which I was born into / Scorned... / My perception of poetical injection is ejaculation / The immaculate conception ... " But the bonafide bomb is the Extra P remix which features a body-rock bounce beat, with all new lyrics from Monch, Prince and the mad scientist himself, Large Professor. This track's centrifugal force will pull you in, alerting you to the fact that the time has finally come for Organized Konfusion to walk into the sun." - The Source, August 1994.