August 22, 2014

DJ Statik "Fly Fishing, Vol.2" (Mixtape)

Fly Fishing Vol.2 is a dope selection of Chopped Herring Records releases from January 2013 to May 2014. It is nicely mixed by DJ Statik aka Mr. Sonny James, reppin' the Ill Vibe Collective out of Philly. The artwork is handled by Keo aka Lord Scotch who is responsible for MF Doom's Operation Doomsday cover art. Props to the good brother Bill Lipitch, he's got cassettes available (150 copies) at Chopped Herring Records - pick one up and listen to the mix tape below featuring artists like Pauly Yams & DJ Jazz, Zigg Zagg, Endangered Elements, Epidemic, J-Zone, L The Head Toucha, North Bronx Alliance, Finsta Bundy, Da Bruze Brovaz, uMaNg, Masta Ace, Keefy Keef (Keith Murray), Meyhem Lauren, Killa Kidz, Him Lo, Da Henchmen, Natural Elements, Starvin B, MarQ Spekt, and more.