August 05, 2014

Capone-N-Noreaga "Stick You" (Review, 1996)

"Capone and Noreaga, the Queensbridge stick-up kids who introduced their skills on "L.A., L.A.," return with their first joint for dolo, "Stick You," an epic saga of a drug deal gone bad and the fatal consequences suffered by the Dominican drug lord who double crosses the C&N Crew. The track starts off with an ominous sounding rainstorm in the background, as Capone and Noreaga (plus special guest MC Tragedy) discover that the product they've bought off their supplier is less than dope. The rain continues as a drum track kicks in and then a sparse piano loop sets the tone for some tales from the criminal side." Hear the 2nd single from "The War Report" below, con'td below...

"From the simple piano loop to the chant that ends the song - "Not your ordinary shit / Thug shit that you're used to / Q.U. / We stick you" - "Stick You" has an undeniable Mobb Deep influence. MCs Capone and Noreaga have obviously studied their Queensbridge predecessors and now want to follow in their footsteps. "Stick You" is a step in this direction, another dose of those patented criminology rhymes that put their section back on the map." - The Source (August, 1996). (Updated)