Tuesday, February 28, 2017

J-Live 'Actual [Tracks] Vol.1' + Unsigned Hype Nov. 1995

J-Live Unsigned Hype November 1995 The Source Magazine

You'd have to go back over 20 years to November of 1995 to find J-Live's original Unsigned Hype in The Source. He's an OG & over the last two decades, has been a consistent force in the underground. Now living down in Atlanta, the scene has embraced him and he continues to steadily self-release music via his Bandcamp. Most recently, 'Actual [Tracks] Vol.1,' which is the first in a series of instrumental albums that features beats from previously released recordings self produced for and by J-Live. 'Actual Tracks' features some of J-Live's best work on production spanning over 16 years and nine different releases! Knowing his history & how he's navigated the industry - especially around his debut release - he is definitely independent hip-hop at its finest. 'The Upgrade' on his 2008 release, 'Then What Happened' is also one of my favorite tracks! Stream the new project below & order via Bandcamp.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Notorious B.I.G. x Craig Mack 'B.I.G. Mack'

The Notorious B.I.G. & Craig Mack B.I.G. Mack Advert

The Notorious B.I.G. x Craig Mack = 'B.I.G. Mack;' the infamous '94 cassette teaser promoted by Bad Boy in advance of Biggie's 'Ready To Die' and Craig Mack's 'Project Funk Da World.' A recent documentary called 'Crazy Like That Glue' tells the story of Craig Mack and the background to his career + the days at Bad Boy. I'd seen early interviews where Biggie declared it was politics that got him on the 'Flava In Ya Ear' remix, but he didn't mess with Craig Mack. It's also clear that Craig Mack and Puffy weren't on the same page - the hit-driven records were Puffy's design, but Craig Mack didn't want to be marketed. How'd he not love Easy Moe Bee's beat on 'Flava In Ya Ear'? Creative differences will damage even the strongest relationships, it is what it is, but a strictly business relationship? Forget it. The documentary paints Craig Mack as arrogant and difficult to work with at times, to the point where most of the people in his inner circle are on the outs, and one of the reasons there was never a follow-up record on Bad Boy.

‘Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese
pickles onins on a sesame seed bun
couldn't outdo the done - makin MC's run
with MACK and the B.I.G. - put the faze on stun
I once had a fight with a fry - no lie
but I caught him in the eye with an apple pie
I got wet with a fish filet
but quarter pounder got beef so she did not stay
made a shake stand still just for actin' too ill
met some cookies that was rookies by the soda refill
it's the B.I.G. MACK dollar bill when you a quarter
Welcome to BADBOY - Now enjoy your order!’

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Brother Ali 'Own Light' / 'All The Beauty In This Whole Life'

Brother Ali All The Beauty In This Whole Life
My day just got a lot better after listening to the new track, 'Own Light,' by Brother Ali, and hearing that he'll be releasing a new project called 'All The Beauty In This Whole Life.' There are few voices more important than Brother Ali in our culture, especially when looking for a reflection of perspective, growth, and healing in action. I respect any man who owns his truth and shares where he's at, what he's learned, as well as his dreams for the future. I trust you will get that and a lot more on his upcoming album, so consider gifting yourself the pre-order and follow him for future updates. '...You ain't gotta get me lit, I got my own light...'

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tha Alkaholiks 'Coast II Coast' (2/28/95)

Tha Alkaholiks Coast II Coast Classic Material Review
Tha Alkaholiks Original Coast II Coast Sticker

Staying on the West Coast, Tha Alkaholiks released their second studio album, 'Coast II Coast,' also on this day in 1995. I was a huge fan of '21 and Over,' so my expectations were high for their follow-up. I popped the cassette in and was immediately treated to a 6-minute display of lyrics on track one, 'WLIX.' It continued throughout the release. 'With Tash providing extra vicious flows, J-Ro lending his memorable sense of humor and Swift acting as the sonic glue ... the end result was a cohesive LP that solidified Tha Liks' lyrical worth.' You can read the full review above, as well as the original sticker. 'All in this, freestyle's wild when I'm throwin' this...' - 'WLIX.' Another day we'll get into the infamous barf bag & hangover kit from '21 and Over' + lots more. 

Tha Alkaholiks Coast II Coast Advert

Monday, February 27, 2017

Down 'N' Dirty Tribe 'Inna Cipher' 12" + 'Tattooed Funk'

Down N Dirty Tribe Inna Cipher Vinyl

I first heard the Hoboken, NJ crew, Down 'N' Dirty Tribe, on Tony Touch's classic Tape #44 in 1995. The track was 'Inna Cipher;' produced by Dontay and released on Jungle Sound Records the same year. They paid homage to fellow New Jersey icons, the Artifacts, on the vocal sample you hear from 'Attack of New Jeruzalem,' and you may also recognize the familiar Clyde McPhatter drum break. In '97, they released 'Trail of Tears' b/w 'Atrocities of a T.H.U.G.;' Automatik featured them on 'No Man's Land,' and Mahagony came with 'Cum Wit It' ('96). About a month ago, DDT released 'Tattooed Funk,' their first project in over 20 years! 'Tattooed Funk' has 8 tracks and stays true to their sound, making it a project you'll want to check out. Unfortunately, the embeds from DatPiff act funny on here, so click HERE for that release, and check below for 'Inna Cipha' - I dig the Landcruiser mix. You can stream/download Down 'N' Dirty Tribe's 'Inna Cipher' 12" HERE.

Monday, February 27, 2017

The B.U.M.S. 'Elevation (Free Your Mind)' 12"

The B.U.M.S. Brothas Unda Madness Publicity Photo
The B.U.M.S. Brothas Unda Madness Logo

The B.U.M.S. (Brothas Unda Madness) were a two-man crew of D-Wyze and E-Vocalist from the Bay Area. Their big single was ‘Elevation (Free Your Mind);' it was released in 1994 in support of their album, ‘Lyfe ’N’ Tyme,’ on Priority Records. The album featured Mystic (who I love), production from Joe Quixx, King Tech, and Fredwreck. The B.U.M.S. were repeated guests up at the Wake Up Show in earlier years. As for 'Elevation,' it was Joe Quixx on production, who flipped the ill Teddy Pendergrass sample, and King Tech who polished it up for radio. Nearly 20 years later, it was included on the HBO show, Entourage, which I’m sure brought new ears to a song and project that’s long been out of print. Can we thank @BrokeMogul for that? The B.U.M.S. also had a second single called ‘Take A Look Around,’ which had ill remixes from Vinyl Reanimators and Fredwreck, too. The 12" for Elevation is available to stream/download HERE, check it out.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Audible Doctor 'Pre-Med' Instrumental Mix

The Audible Doctor

The Audible Doctor released this Pre-Med instrumental mash-up around 4 years ago - it's definitely become a part of my work routine while I get 'ish done. He's built a consistent catalog of music over 10 years as a producer, eMCee and founding member of BBAS; you can check out the catalog HERE. Since our days working together at Fat Beats, I always pushed his 'Brownies' release, but throw a dart and it'll land on a dope release, cop it all using the catalog option and save lots of time and 40%. Keep an eye out for a Supastition x Audible Doctor project too!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

DJ Rip One 'Rippin Shit Up!' Mix (1995)

DJ Rip One Rippin Shit Up Cassette Mixtape

DJ Rip One from the West Coast put his foot in this mixtape back in 1995. The layered cuts blew my mind at the time and I could hear the amount of work and effort that went into piecing it all together. 4-track mixes were certainly heavy on technique and were worth FAR beyond the bootlegged rates we paid and free 'dubs' we made. I owe that man a handshake, I've been enjoying his tape for 2 decades. Once you get beyond the technical nature of the mix, it's also filled with now-classic 90's underground hip-hop. For the full track-list, see the artwork above and you can stream the mix below. Extra props for including the Jemini the Gifted One track. You should also check out 'Turntable Expressions' and 'Inner Connections' if you enjoy this tape. Anyone have a link to a social media account for DJ Rip One? Peace to the Innernational Crew. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

DJ Scratch x Biggie 'Magic Shoes Chop With Biggie'

Biggie Smalls

'I'm in the crib making some chops on the MPC and put a Biggie verse on it to see what it would sound like with someone spitting on it.' - DJ Scratch ... and I'm not mad at it, at all. R.I.P., B.I.G.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Philly Hip-Hop Tribute: Take It Personal Radio Ep.6

Episode 6 is our longest one yet and for good reason. This isn’t your typical Philly hip-hop show, this is the official Philly hip-hop tribute show. Chock-full of Illadelph classics, along with our special tour guides Vinnie Paz, Maylay Sparks, Baby Blak, CHOPS, Todd Wolfe and MarQ Spekt to help navigate you through the two one fifth. Unlike the ewoks, our episode VI won’t disappoint. So whether you’re from Philly, know of Philly or even like Philly, you can’t front on our music. We’re more than just cheese steaks, soft pretzels and Rocky Balboa, we’re home of some of the greatest musicians ever. If you’re a fan of Schoolly D, Steady B, 100x, Bahamadia, Freeway, Tuff Crew or The Roots — we got you! – Philaflava - Click HERE for the Playlist.

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Return of the Hit Squad (2/24/12)

The Return of the Hit Squad
The Return of the Hit Squad

February 24th, 2012: the Return of the Hit Squad: EPMD, Redman, Das Efx, K-Solo, and special guest, Keith Murray. The reunion show was at the Best Buy Theater (now called the Playstation Theater) in NYC. Method Man also touched the stage, as well as DJ Scratch holding it down. The final track of the night was the posse cut, 'Headbanger,' with Redman crowd-surfing!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Roots 'Things Fall, A Preview' Mix by Jazzy Jeff

The Roots Things Fall A Preview Jazzy Jeff

The Roots are at the top of a very short list of groups that continue to break new ground and push the culture forward. It's actually amazing watching them do their thing, consistently, for so many years. To me, Black Thought is a top 5 lyricist and I struggle to understand anyone who would disagree, lol. To honor 'Things Fall Apart' being released 18 years ago today, I uploaded the Jazzy Jeff-mixed promotional tape, 'Things Fall, A Preview' for your listening pleasure. Be sure to purchase or revisit a copy of 'Things Fall Apart' today, and give Black Thought his props!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Eminem 'The Slim Shady LP' (Cassette)

Eminem The Slim Shady LP Fat Beats Platinum Plaque

It's been years since I listened to Eminem's 'The Slim Shady LP,' so I won't pretend I was ever his biggest fan, but even 18 years later (today), it's obvious he is a top-tier lyricist. Not quite as digestible these days, but very few artists would want to stand toe to toe and see what'd happen next. Am I wrong? The photo - excuse the quality - I took at Fat Beats' old warehouse a decade or so ago. They were early on his original EP and were sent a plaque to commemorate the multi-platinum sales of the LP. Last year, Aftermath reissued a cassette version of the album on a purple tape; you can order it HERE - I'm sure it'll be a collectible (read: valuable) one day soon.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Prince Paul 'A Prince Among Thieves' (Trailer)

Prince Paul A Prince Among Thieves Advert

February 22nd, 1999: Prince Paul released one of the most cohesive concept albums, 'A Prince Among Thieves.' The album plays out like the movie, each track tells the story of Tariq (Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots), who hustles to put together the scrap to fund studio time for his demo. The album features Xzibit, Kool Keith, Big Daddy Kane, Chubb Rock, Biz Markie, De La Soul, RZA, and more. Chris Rock had bought the rights to the movie, but never made a proper move with it. I've heard there was also a Kickstarter, is that true? Either way, sit with this classic concept album today. The VHS trailer is below, which sets up the project perfectly & damn, that's a big flyer, lol.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

What Would You Like To Change About Hip-Hop?

The Source Magazine January 1996
The Source Magazine January 1996

This article in The Source (Jan. '96) gives me a good laugh. In the midst of a second golden era, artists still had their frustrations with the music, the business and the industry as a whole. To all the fans complaining now: it's not a new concept! Commercialization, false images, poor live shows, props for the underground, business, rap vs hip-hop, wack lyrics, East Coast vs West Coast beef, drugs, credibility and classic responses like Erick Sermon’s 'my record sales’ to the irony of Puff to say ‘the egos’ lol Artists and fans will forever have their gripes, just like our parents hated our music, we take issue with the new generation's music. I'd argue that there has been a significant decline in what's covered in the mainstream - especially the diversity of it - but it's a circular argument, so I won't waste your time. I remember all the wack stuff I suffered through in my teenage years, but you didn't have as much noise and we had DJs that were better filters to provide balance in the underground. We had venues and record stores that were necessary to the culture as meeting places to discuss and break records. You don't have to leave your house now, but honestly, are you better for it? The one thing I'll forever agree, artists need to learn more about business so they can make the most of these assets (songs) they create.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Organized Konfusion 'Bring It On (Buckwild Remix)'

Organized Konfusion Hollywood Basic Organisms

And to the Organisms ... Prince Po and Pharoahe Monch have been releasing music for 30 years! Going back to their Simply II Positive MCs days, then as Organized Konfusion, and still now as solo artists. Pharoahe Monch is one of the greatest technical lyricists our culture has ever witnessed. Po always held his own and proves his ability time and again on his solo releases. If you ask me for a list of greatest verses of all-time ?? ... Pharoahe's verse on 'Bring It On' (specifically over Buckwild's '96 remix) will get an immediate mention! 

Incisions are made into the brain and then I begin to give em
A lobotomy, follow me!
I'm shapin your br-ayi-yi-ya-in ... li-li-li-li-like ... pot-der-der-der-ery ...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Big Pun 'Pre-Trial Motion' (1998 Cassette)

Pun Pre-Trial Motion

The 'Pre-Trial Motion' (1998) cassette was a teaser for Big Pun's classic debut, 'Capital Punishment.' The cassette featured 8 tracks with Fat Joe, Cuban Link, The Beatnuts, Raekwon, Kool G Rap, and more. I think as cassettes have had a resurgence over the last few years, this would be a nice novelty item to re-issue and include with a collector's edition of the album (if it were even remotely possible to cut through all the red tape). Either way, a nice piece of nostalgia for fans of this lyrical giant. R.I.P., Big Dog Punisher. Props to HypeDog for their audio link.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One Be Lo x ILLusionist 'Tails from the Hood R.a.t.s.'

One Be Lo

'Tails from the Hood R.a.t.s.' ... DJ Hazey 82 put One Be Lo's vocals to great use over the 'Storytellin' beat by Romanian producer, ILLusionist. If you're not familiar with ILLusionist, go cop his EP, 'The Uplift' and instrumental album, 'My Way.' As for One Be Lo, he's an independent hip-hop veteran; known for his group, Binary Star, and their classic, 'Masters of the Universe' (now re-issued), as well as the highly acclaimed solo release, 'SONOGRAM' + more. Full disclosure: I work with One Be Lo, but let's be f'real, this track goes - an ill storytelling track. Props to DJ Hazey 82 for the mash-up, I always make it a point to check out his latest work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Company Flow 'Info Kill' 12"

Company Flow Info Kill Pub Photo Insert

Back in the 90s, vinyl promos often came with inserts that included bios, press kits, pub photos, and various other content. In 1996, Company Flow and Official Recordings released the 12" for 'Info Kill,' which is one of my favorite Company Flow track. The original version with the Flash Gordon sample was played often on college radio (in NYC) and it caught all our attention. I'd guess sample clearance issues forced them to rework the track for an alternate version, but most heads know this original as the single. Check out Brian Coleman's book 'Check The Technique' Vol.2 for more info on Funcrusher Plus and listen/download the 'Info Kill' 12" HERE.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2Pac 'Dear Mama' Handwritten Video Notes

2Pac Dear Mama Handwritten

2Pac released the lead single, 'Dear Mama,' from his third studio album, 'Me Against The World,' on February 21st, 1995. The song was Grammy-nominated and during turbulent times, showed the duality and layers to Pac's character. I believe 2Pac was many people, but aren't we all? IF the handwritten note above is 2Pac's vision for the video, not all points were necessary included; most notably his heavy heart for Ocita Teal, who lost her son to that stray bullet in '92. 2Pac wasn't one of my favorite rappers, but undeniably he was one of the culture's most important. R.I.P. Tupac and Afeni Shakur. Excuse the blurry photograph (via Google).

Monday, February 20, 2017

Rasheed Chappell 'Franchise' (2014)

Rasheed Chappell & kenny dope brick & mortar coming soon

It's been several years since Rasheed Chappell's debut studio release, 'Future Before Nostalgia,' but I still keep that album in constant rotation. Even with dope features on projects by Apollo Brown, DJ Soko, and guest verses sprinkled here and there, it's been the single release of 'Franchise' in 2014 that has maintained my excitement for his follow-up with Kenny Dope, 'Brick & Mortar.' I'm hopeful it drops sooner than later! Peace to DJ Eclipse.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Black Moon 'Enta Da Stage' Complete Edition

Black Moon Enta Da Stage Advert

Brothers Lyrically Acting Combining Kicking Music Out On Nations. 'Enta Da Stage' is a pioneering album in NY hip-hop history. When asked in The Source back in '93, Buckshot had this to say: 'This album was created on vibes, how we feel, how we see life from our point of view. It's a state of mind, it's about bein' real relaxed, real calm, real subtle, showing things for what they is, analyzing it and then mastering it on wax ... We ain't coming half-assed.' Now in it's 23rd year, Fat Beats has released the Complete Edition, which features 6xLPs, 3xCDs or 3xCassettes - each includes the album, remixes, and instrumentals. I'm coppin' the cassettes, but I do want the vinyl, too! Does Fat Beats have an alumni discount code I can use? lol Props to DJ Jab.

Black Moon Enta Da Stage Fat Beats Box Set

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Funky Man, Lord Finesse

Lord Finesse Press Kit

Happy Born Day, Lord Finesse. As an artist and producer, I think he's hands down one of the best to ever do it. In a crew (D.I.T.C.) of GIANTS, he's considered the leader, and to me, there's no greater honor and sign of respect! Salute his grandmother for lending him money to record his first demo and pushing him to follow his dreams - he's inspired a whole culture with his gifts. Check out the 'Return of the Funky Man' video below to hear how on point & ahead of time he's always been.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Camp Lo 'Coolie High (Paradise Remix)' 12"

Camp Lo Publicity Photo

This is it! Camp Lo's latest release 'On The Way Uptown' features rare and unreleased demos for the early fans of 'Uptown Saturday Night' (one of my favorite albums). Geechi Suede dropped a solo project, '0.9 NyteLife FM,' in December and it's rumored that there will be another Camp Lo project coming real soon. Also, if you haven't heard it, check out the classic Paradise Remix to Camp Lo's 'Coolie High,' with the umm... alternate sample, which is available to stream/download HERE.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Big L 'Focus On The Real' + Mr. MVP EP

Big L Focus On the Real Advert

Big L's 'Focus On The Real' advert is still one of my favorite ads ever released for an album. If I remember right, Danny Clinch was behind the iconic images shot for artwork on 'Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous.' I've been a fan since 1992 and it still saddens me that we lost such a true talent, especially before he'd reached his peak. If you've never heard it, you can also check out the 'Mr. MVP EP,' which features a few tracks that used to be (pre-internet) fairly hard to find. It's available to listen/download HERE. Rest in Peace, Big L. Where do you rank Big L? Top 10? 20? 

Saturday, February 18, 2017

DJ Low Cut ft. Masta Ace & Torae 'All Alone'

DJ Low Cut Masta Ace Torae All Alone

You all alone in these streets, cousin! DJ Low Cut enlists Masta Ace & Torae for his single 'All Alone;' a fresh track with sharp cuts by DJ Nix'on. His 'NY Minute' project was the first project to catch my attention back in 2012, but he's been putting in work for several years out of Paris, France. His new album, 'Dead End,' is available for pre-order now and features Rustee Juxx, Nutso, Blaq Poet, Masta Ace, Torae, Guilty Simpson, Reef The Lost Cauze, Praverb (R.I.P.), Dirt Platoon and more. Props to DJ Low Cut; follow him on Twitter HERE.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fourfifths 'Earth Wind & Fire' 12" (1997)

Fourfifths 'Earth Wind & Fire' 12" (1997)

Fourfifths released this 12” in 1997 on Conception Records, which was a really dope label in Seattle, Washington. The label was co-founded by the Sharpshooters; Mr. Supreme & DJ Sureshot, in ’93. They released early records by Jake One, Diamond Mercenaries, Kutfather, Eclipse, Da Grassroots and even my brother, MoSS. The ‘Walkman Rotation’ compilation put together by J.Rocc may be one of their most known releases, because it showcased a little from each member on the roster. As for Fourfifths, it was Cuniform, Sub-Zero, and Nickle Slick, with a really dope remix by Jake One on this 12”. There are 2 variations, a blue sleeve and a green sleeve of this 12”, not sure if there’s any difference between them. The scratches on the 12” are handled by DJ Ace. Listen/download HERE.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Apollo Brown x M.O.P. 'Detonate' off 'Grandeur'

Apollo Brown Grandeur

I've had 'Detonate' in my most-listened-to playlist for well over a year now. Apollo Brown's soulful chops and Brownsville's Mash Out Posse deliver a standout track off Apollo's 'Grandeur' album. Yet another album where Apollo promised, then over-delivered; a major key to longevity in this industry. I've been a big supporter since around '07-08 and was very happy to have my artist, Eternia, featured on 'Grandeur' too. Purchase the album on Mello Music Group HERE. What will he deliver on next? I'm here for it! Also congratulations to him, I believe he recently had a child.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Russian Hip Hop Killaz Instrumental Ensemble 'Enta Da Breaks' (Album Stream)

Russian Hip Hop Killaz Instrumental Ensemble Enta Da breaks

'Enta The Breaks' is the new instrumental project by Funky Waves, Aestethic & Thelonious Coltrane as the Russian Hip Hop Killaz Instrumental Ensemble ... no typos, lol. As advertised, 'Enta Da Stage' is filled with 60 minutes of dope instrumental breaks, Russian samples and dusty boombap. The project is available digitally and on limited-edition (100 hand-numbered) cassettes via Postpartum, which is a label out of Germany that formed last year and has put out some quality cassettes mainly shipping direct and/or through Vinyl-Digital. One Be Lo & I dealt with Vinyl-Digital for a reissue of Binary Star's 'Masters of the Universe' last year and I thought they were professional and did high-quality work. You can hear the project streaming below.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Elzhi 'ELmatic' Mixtape + 'One Love' Remix

'ELmatic' is one of the best releases of the last decade! No question, Elzhi captured the essence of 'Illmatic,' over-delivered lyrically, and Will Sessions recreated the production masterfully. I'd been waiting for the project for years, which is an ongoing trend with Elzhi. I believe the original idea was spawned by Houseshoes, but it didn't include reworking the production. Am I right on that? Fashawn put out Ode to Illmatic, and maybe Elzhi went back to the drawing board and a greater concept was birthed. Whether that's how that went down or not, I'm not 100%, but either way, there's never a wrong time to throw on 'ELmatic' (free download) and celebrate a masterpiece, celebrating the masterpiece. Elzhi definitely made Nas proud with this one.

So ... after listening to the album 3x, back to back to back in 2011, I sent a text to my artist, Eternia, and said to check out the project - specifically 'One Love,' as there was room at the end of that track for a verse. It was a subtle hint, but she was receptive, and days later, her remix was born. I think her verse at the end complements the storyline and vibe of the track. Check that out, too.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Donnie Propa '10 Year Tribute Tape: RIP J Dilla'

Donnie Propa 10 Year Tribute Tape - RIP J Dilla

Back again ... I posted about the Pete Rock mix that Donnie Propa did last November, but he also put this mix together to honor the memory of the late, great J Dilla on the 10th anniversary of his passing (February 10, 2016). The '10 Year Tribute Tape' features some classics, rarities, and instrumentals from the well respected and sorely missed producer. Once again, the mix is done with 100% vinyl and released in association with Village Live and Planet Rock Graphics. Props to Dregone for the really really dope artwork, I wish I would have caught the cassettes while they were still in stock, but you can still support it digitally below. If you got the tapes, let me know.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Ghost of the Machine ft. Red Pill 'Last Man On Earth'

Ghost of the machine red pill ugly heroes last man on earth

Ghost of the Machine is an artist from NYC currently living in MA. His track, 'Last Man on Earth,' features Mello Music's Red Pill (1/3 of Ugly Heroes) and production by James Green. Ghost reached out to me when the song originally dropped but I didn't have a method to support it at the time, so I'm glad to have a place now where I can share the music I've been appreciating - even if I'm super late on the drop, lol. His solo album, 'It's Lonely Out Here: The Story of J.F.M.' is available on iTunes right now, check it out and let me know what you think. Listen to 'Last Man on Earth' below.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

SRAW ft. Blu 'Mind Keep Stepping'

Sraw ft. Blu Mind Keep Stepping

This is 'Mind Keep Stepping' with production by SRAW from Stockholm, featuring the good homie, Blu. The track is the B-side to a 7" released by Mutual Intentions; a label based out of Oslo, Norway. The 7" also includes 'In The Smog,' featuring Tha Connection (SmooVth & Hus Kingpin), as well as an instrumental track called 'Glass.' You can buy the vinyl and digital HERE.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Philanthrope x Omaure 'Message of Soap'

Philanthrope Omaure Todai moto kurashi

'Message of Soap' is a nice track from Austrian producer, Philanthrope & German MC, Omaure. Their project, which also features production from Flitz & Soup, is called 'Todai moto kurashi.' The title is a proverb that translates to 'it's dark at the base of a lighthouse' or roughly meaning, it can be difficult to see things clearly when they're so close to you. The album will be released on March 15th and there will also be a limited edition vinyl, which you can order HERE.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Anti-Lilly (Houston, TX) '14 Til' Infinity

Anti-Lilly Phoniks Don't Sleep Records

Anti-Lilly is an introspective lyricst from Houston, Texas. He is one of a few young artists whose careers I follow and I've already seen a lot of growth in his music. With a handful of projects released, most notably '91 Regal,' 'Stories From The Brass Section,' and 'Memoires & the 90s' (among others), his potential is limitless. What I dig most is that I can hear the therapy in his bars. Afterall, what is art if not something that makes you FEEL? He's an album artist, so I recommend giving his full projects a listen and let me know if you feel it too. He told me he's working on new music with Phoniks, so I'm definitely keeping an eye out for that. This is '14 Til,' an obvious but dope flip of the Souls of Mischief classic. Visit the links above for more music.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Nas x Apathy 'Re:Generation' (Apathy Remix)

Apathy Nas DJ Premier Re:Generation

This is the official Apathy remix of the Nas & DJ Premier collab with The Berklee Symphony Orchestra called 'Regeneration.' It's not a common occurrence where I'd suggest anyone remix a joint originally produced by DJ Premier, but props to the homie, Apathy, for not only reworking the beat but blessing it with a dope verse. The song (original and remix) came out a few years ago, but in case it went below the radar, check out this dope selection below.

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Emanon (Exile x Aloe Blacc) 'The E.N.D.'

Emanon Exile Aloe Blacc Dystopia

Emanon (Exile x Aloe Blacc) put together another incredible offering with their latest project, 'Dystopia.' My favorite tracks are 'Yesterday' with Blu and 'The E.N.D,' which I think really captures the vibe and essence of the album as a whole. Aloe Blacc's pen game shines in his content and hooks, while Exile provides yet another beautiful soundscape for an introspective MC to shine. Pick it up, it comes highly recommended. 'You need to get what you deserve son get it / Momma, I'm gon' get it!' Anyone have back story on the album's original artwork?

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Superior ft. Reks 'Superiority' off 'The Journey'

Superior The Journey Below The System Records

Superior's new album, 'The Journey,' is in heavy rotation this week! Superior is a Spanish-German producer, who enlisted standout features from Blu, Reks, Verbal Kent, Lil' Fame, and more on his project. You can order the album via Below System Records HERE ... and props to the homie, Reks, on the single, 'Superiority' ... it's only February, but this will still be one of my favorite tracks at the end of the year, I put money on it, literally lol. Check it out below.