February 14, 2017

Russian Hip Hop Killaz 'Enta Da Breaks' (Instrumental Album)

Russian Hip Hop Killaz Instrumental Ensemble Enta Da breaks

'Enta The Breaks' is the new instrumental project by Funky Waves, Aestethic & Thelonious Coltrane as the Russian Hip Hop Killaz Instrumental Ensemble ... no typos, lol. As advertised, 'Enta The Breaks' is filled with 60 minutes of dope instrumental breaks, Russian samples and dusty boombap. The project is available digitally and on limited-edition (100 hand-numbered) cassettes via Postpartum, which is a label out of Germany that formed last year and has put out some quality cassettes mainly shipping direct and/or through Vinyl-Digital. One Be Lo & I dealt with Vinyl-Digital for a reissue of Binary Star's 'Masters of the Universe' last year, and I thought they were professional and did high-quality work, so I trust them. You can hear the project streaming below.