February 27, 2017

The B.U.M.S. "Elevation (Free Your Mind)" (12", 1994)

The B.U.M.S. Brothas Unda Madness Publicity Photo
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The B.U.M.S. (Brothas Unda Madness) were a two-man crew of D-Wyze and E-Vocalist from the Bay Area. Their big single was ‘Elevation (Free Your Mind);' it was released in 1994 in support of their album, ‘Lyfe ’N’ Tyme,’ on Priority Records. The album featured Mystic (who I love), production from Joe Quixx, King Tech, and Fredwreck. The B.U.M.S. were repeated guests up at the Wake Up Show in the early years. As for 'Elevation,' it was Joe Quixx on production, who flipped the ill Teddy Pendergrass sample, and King Tech who polished it up for radio. Nearly 20 years later, it was included on the HBO show, Entourage, which I’m sure brought new ears to a song and project that’s long been out of print. Can we thank @BrokeMogul for that? The B.U.M.S. also had a second single called ‘Take A Look Around,’ which had ill remixes from Vinyl Reanimators and Fredwreck, too.