Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tha Alkaholiks 'Coast II Coast' (2/28/95)

Tha Alkaholiks Coast II Coast Classic Material Review
Tha Alkaholiks Original Coast II Coast Sticker

Staying on the West Coast, Tha Alkaholiks released their second studio album, 'Coast II Coast,' also on this day in 1995. I was a huge fan of '21 and Over,' so my expectations were high for their follow-up. I popped the cassette in and was immediately treated to a 6-minute display of lyrics on track one, 'WLIX.' It continued throughout the release. 'With Tash providing extra vicious flows, J-Ro lending his memorable sense of humor and Swift acting as the sonic glue ... the end result was a cohesive LP that solidified Tha Liks' lyrical worth.' You can read the full review above, as well as the original sticker. 'All in this, freestyle's wild when I'm throwin' this...' - 'WLIX.' Another day we'll get into the infamous barf bag & hangover kit from '21 and Over' + lots more. 

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