February 25, 2017

DJ Rip One "Rippin Shit Up!" (Mixtape, 1995)

DJ Rip One Rippin Shit Up Cassette Mixtape

DJ Rip One from the West Coast put his foot in this mixtape back in 1995. The layered cuts blew my mind at the time and I could hear the amount of work and effort that went into piecing it all together. 4-track mixes were certainly heavy on technique and were worth FAR beyond the bootlegged rates we paid and free 'dubs' we made. I owe that man a handshake, I've been enjoying his tape for 2 decades. Once you get beyond the technical nature of the mix, it's also filled with now-classic 90's underground hip-hop. For the full track-list, see the artwork above and you can stream the mix below. Extra props for including the Jemini the Gifted One track. You should also check out 'Turntable Expressions' and 'Inner Connections' if you enjoy this tape. Anyone have a link to a social media account for DJ Rip One? Peace to the Innernational Crew. Enjoy this classic tape...