April 11, 2015

Black Sheep "Without A Doubt" (Review, 1994)

"Non-Fiction" is the sophomore album from the Native Tongues duo Black Sheep. The LP had two singles in "Without A Doubt" and "North, South, East, West." The album was produced internally by Dres and Mista Lawnge, with additional production by Salaam Remi on "Without a Doubt." The album had features from Chi-Ali, Showbiz & AG and The Legion. In 1994 when it was released, it really took a while for the album to grow on me, but when I look at the write-up in The Source, it tells me I'm not alone in that sentiment. "A warm, slow bass provides the anchor for Black Sheep's long-awaited comeback single, which comes as a mild surprise. Unlike the hyped part-tempo of "Choice Is Yours," Dres and Mr. Lawnge have returned with some mellow, rollin-in-your ride type shit. "Without a Doubt" takes its own sweet time, and while the decreased pitch initially fails to get the blood boiling, a couple listens will align your mental with the slower groove and lead you to appreciate the flyness at work here." With that in mind - after all these years - I find I have to be in the mood to revisit the album, but whenever I do, I generally find myself throwing it on and listening all the way through. "Without A Doubt" is still the stand-out record, watch the video below, and let me know what you think of the album. Was it a slow-burn for you too? Hit me up.