April 13, 2015

T-Max "Relax Your Mind" (12", 1996)

This is a dope 12” out of Boston from T-Max on Damage Records in 1996. All tracks were produced by Danny Wood with a smooth, melodic tempo and T-Max’s buttery flow. With a more aggressive style coming out of the underground at the time, T-Max’s laid back delivery catered to a more conscious audience and wasn’t truly appreciated until many years later when the internet unearthed it and it was covered steadily on 12" blogs. In fact, this 12” received so much attention over the years that Crooked Cat Records was inspired to release 2 full EPs of music last year from material T-Max had recorded back in the 90s. As expected, they sold out quickly. 'Relax Your Mind' and 'Business' are the 2 main tracks on this 12", with a remix to 'Execution Style,' which had a separate 12" release also in 1996 on Damage Records. You can stream/download the full 12" below.