April 25, 2015

Mobb Deep "The Infamous" (4/25/95) / The Source Review

Mobb Deep The Infamous Certified Gold Advertisement Loud Records
Mobb Deep The Infamous Album Review in The Source

Picking up where we left off, Mobb Deep returned with their sophomore classic, 'The Infamous' on this day (April 25) in 1995 via Loud Records. Looking back, I consider it one of the rawest moments in Hip-Hop; Mobb Deep's sound on 'The Infamous' caused another shift and resurgence in music coming out of Queens. The lead single 'Shook Ones Pt.II' quickly established itself as a classic NY record and connected so well through clubs like The Tunnel that it carried the album through its release in April. In May, they dropped the second single 'Survival of the Fittest' and by late June, the album was certified Gold. On July 8th, Loud Records set up a paintball competition on Long Island with Mobb Deep, Cella Dwellas, a couple members of the Wu-Tang Clan (Rae & Ghost), the staff and local-celebrity DJs. Of course, the DJs took the W! The following day Mobb Deep was presented with their Gold plaque and the Wu-Tang received their platinum plaque for '36 Chambers.' While the bulk of production on the album was handled by Havoc & Prodigy themselves, Q-Tip contributed production and played a highly influential role in mixing and helping to shape the sound. Along with Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface, and Big Noyd, Q-Tip was also one of the few features selected for the album. Credit to Steve Rifkind and Loud Records for being able to find and sign a group that could deliver again after the success of Wu-Tang's debut. Most publications were not willing to stamp 'The Infamous' as a classic at the time, but 20 years later, 'The Infamous' is celebrated for taking fans on a raw journey through Queens with street narratives and some of the grittiest production of the 90s. In 2014, Mobb Deep dropped 'The Infamous Mobb Deep,' a double album with one disc of original music and another with unreleased tracks from the recording sessions from 'The Infamous,' you'll want to check that album out too. Reminisce with "Survival Of The Fittest" below.