April 10, 2015

Brother Ali "The Undisputed Truth" (April 10, 2007)

'The Undisputed Truth' is Brother Ali's third full-length album (4th project), released by Rhymesayers Entertainment on this day in 2007. The article above in Spin Magazine does a good job of setting the stage for the album by providing backstory to the various issues going on behind the scenes in Brother Ali's life. Most notably: a failed marriage, gaining sole custody of his son, and the passing of his mother (R.I.P.), but truthfully, that barely scratches the surface of the depth and honesty of this album. On 'Faheem,' (Ali's son's name), he shares heartfelt words of advice to his son and stresses the sadness he feels leaving him to go on tour. On 'Uncle Sam Goddamn,' Ali takes a stand against corporate America and politics, which is echoed elsewhere on the album, and certainly caused a ripple effect on his career at the time. Essentially, each track on the album serves a purpose and has a greater informed message that will surely resonate. This is, perhaps, my favorite album from Brother Ali, although he continues to raise the bar with each LP, making it harder to settle on a favorite. As the article's title declares, Brother Ali turned bad times into a great album. Ali adds, "If you're really putting your heart into what you're doing, you can't not document that." 

'If I don't like my life I gut it and rebuild it
Fuck it keep nothing but God and my children
I kill the devil wherever he resides
Even if he hiding in me he got to die
I killed little Jason he was only fifteen
Sewed his good traits together made Ali
Filled his lungs with the Qur'an until he breathed
Let him walk but kept him on a short leash...'