April 01, 2015

The B.U.M.S. / Brothas Unda Madness (Billboard, 4/1/95)

"The album isn't one of those explosive, I gotta-have-it kind of records ... It's a little more cerebral, intelligent, and progressive. We've just got to release it, market it, and keep it out there. We feel that the more people hear it, the more people will want to buy it," says Priority Records' Bryan Turner. Consisting of twin MCs E-Vocalist (E-Vo) and D-Wyze, the B.U.M.S. (Brothas Unda Madness), attempt to shatter stereotypes about West Coast rap sets. On "Lyfe 'N' Tyme" the vocalists build verbal puzzles stacked with crafty metaphors and allusions to pop culture. Over spare, jazzy grooves that swing and spring, they endeavor to expose their souls. Using plain-spoken poetics, the duo takes listeners on a ghettocentric ride from their innocence into sense... Adds E-Vo, "The album is heartfelt. It took a year to put together because we didn't just settle for anything. We were real selective about our beats. And when it came to lyrics, we checked each other, too. It wasn't a matter of frontin' or catering to (the next man's) ego. We tried to create the best product possible." ... The B.U.M.S. are managed by the "Wake-Up Shows" Sway & King Tech... they put E-Vo and D-WYZE together in 1991, when the two were supporting their show. "Sway & Tech started playing the single on their show without back-announcing it or even taking credit for it" ... "Every time they spun it, they get more and more calls." - Billboard, 4/1/95. Promo handkerchief below, hit the tags for more.