April 07, 2015

Joyner Lucas "Along Came Joyner" (Mixtape)

I've been following Joyner Lucas since he was Future Joyner, and rolling with the Film Skool Rejekts. The homie DJ Prince put me on, as he mixed their first mixtape and hand-delivered it to Fat Beats to give away to customers. Me and The Audible Doctor liked it enough that we even played it in the store from time to time, so it was no surprise that AMD landed a beat on his 2011 mixtape, "Listen To Me." If the industry welcomes in some new talent, I think he's got a shot making a real impact on the game as I listen to "Along Came Joyner." Songs like "Ross Capicchioni" show his range as a (lyrical) storyteller, painting an incredible visual with the track and he tells me the video is on the way. For now, the lead single is "Mansion," which has a video out currently. Big fan of Praise, who has a track on the project, as well as !llmind, Kato and others. I dunno how to word it, but he's got his sights on more than the underground, the production and many of his patterns tell you so, and I hate to be so much like a backpacker, but with that will come choices musically that don't quite mesh with the sound I gravitate towards. I can hear that in some of these tracks already, so I wish him much success and even if the music outgrows me, I'll still appreciate his talent and I hope he wins!