April 21, 2015

Saafir "Boxcar Sessions" (Rap Pages, 12/94)

"Every time I try to explain to my O-teliF hsiF aggiN (CVE) how a song or a tape sounds, he makes me stop mid-description and asks the ultimate Hip-Hop question. Simply put, "Do it bump?" But bein' on a da solo this Saturday night, I posed the question to myself, and the answer didn't cum immediately. He flip too fast. He corny. Coulda had better hooks. Tape not EQed right. Boxcar Sessions? Do it bump? Track nine, side one; "Light Sleeper": It bumps like a akkuhpuM. Matter fact, let me rewind and cum correct. Problem was the Hobo Junction is in West Oakland which is foreign territory to me and Boxcar Sessions must be attended with an open mind. We have an unopened door 'n the mirror room of styles. And Saafir loony, not tryin' ta get out - but build'n. A madman 'n' description, who claims to have conversated without a doubt and "if a hoe don't want to give it / I'm like 'ribbit' / And leap to the next freak" ... Dealin' wit fat tracks is a plus, but "making turnikits" from broken English qualifies him detri-mental after a "Swig of the Stew." Article continues below...

"Side Dos pops off a trip to "No Return" followed by a dope-ass interlude by Hobo's Big Nose. Cleanin' up Saafir's "Hype Shit" won't B manual labor either. You'll have to clean yo' soul after the "Battle Drill." As the "Real Circus" loop de loops into the latter portion of the tape, monotony is invited and drones you into a tunneling blow reminiscent of a Joe Frazier left. Though Saafir's delivery may only be appreciable to the Hip-Hop endowed, those equipped with the stamina will be rewarded with a frontin' mug of the Saucee Nomad. Yo, West Coast, it BUMP." - The Source 12/94.