April 23, 2015

Slum Village "Fantastic Vol.2" (Vibe Magazine, 8/00)

It's funny how something can fare so poorly in one place and so well in another. Take, for instance, the production of the Ummah's Jay Dee. His sublime melodies contributed to two terribly disappointing A Tribe Called Quest albums. However, his beats match perfectly with Detroit-based group Slum Village (composed of Jay Dee, Baatin, and T3). Why? Because where Tribe was once punchy and attention-grabbing, SV is subtle and understated. Walkman rap versus living room rap, plain and simple. But what is perhaps most puzzling yet amazing about SV's debut, Fantastic Vol.2, is the way the music meshes with the lyrics. Songs such as "Fall In Love," with its serene loops over shuffling, danceable drums, and, of course, Jay Dee's MO of extra-knocking snares, typify the LP's sound. The clear stand-out is the clever "I Don't Know." The trio creates an amusing aural montage by using James Brown's vocal samples to finish the lines. All in all, Slum Village delivers an entertaining LP that's relaxed without being boring. Put your headphones down, lower the volume on your stereo, and prepare for a Zen-like experience. - Vibe Magazine, August 2000. Classic sh!t!

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