April 29, 2015

Death Row Records "Press Kit" (1997)

"Death Row Records is an independently owned, African-American record company founded approximately four years ago by Suge Knight, chief executive officer and former president, Andre "Dr. Dre" Young. The label's artists are among the most popular in the music industry. Its success as an independent record company is virtually unparalleled. Since its inception, Death Row Records has sold approximately 26 million records accounting for gross receipts in excess of $170 million. Although Death Row Records' artist roster includes significant talent in the rap game, it also releases rhythm and blues music. Rap is a style wherein a combination of talking, as well as singing, is set to hip-hop music. Death Row Records' principal artists, most notably Snoop Doggy Dogg, 2Pac and MC Hammer have "crossed over" from appearing regularly on the rap charts to noticeable appearances on the rhythm and blues charts as well. The charts are an expression of the sales and popularity of various forms of recorded music." The company overview and more, cont'd below...

"Much of Death Row Records' music chronicles the observations and experiences of young African-America, often describing situations which occur in the urban ghettos of this country. These observations and experiences represent a part of life in America that is non-mainstream and that the government, prior to the popularity of rap, was able to control, list and keep from the middle class. The current appeal of this music to suburban America has caused great concern to the government, politicians and others, looking to benefit from and capitalize on these events."  - 1997.