April 28, 2015

Lord Finesse "Return Of The Funky Man" (The Source, 1991)

"Lord Finesse made a name for himself in New York the hard way - stepping on stage and ripping up the mic for stubborn audiences that never heard of him. Needless to say, the crowds loved him. After about two years of underground fame, it's time for Finesse to get his props and blow up. Finesse is still at his best rhyming to that 'ole slow tempo, soul clap type of groove. He continues to flow with smooth rhymes and powerful punch lines... Typically, Finesse never steers too far away from how funky he is, and how people that used to dis him are catching the vapors these days. But few other MCs can boast with the skills and conviction of Lord Finesse. Peep it: "When it comes to rhymes I give ya more than ya asked for / bring a whole task force / I rhyme my fuckin' ass off."

"The production line-up includes DJ Alladin, formerly of Low Profile, and two of Finesse's Uptown homeys, Showbiz and Diamond D, while Finesse goes for self on six cuts to create a nice variety of ill flavors. The track that stands out the most by far is the posse cut, "Yes You May," produced by Showbiz. Homeboys Percee P (watch out for him in '92) and Andre The Giant (Finesse's 5'3" freestyle accomplice) each get ill respectively. Suffice to say, Lord Finesse's long awaited second album lives up to its title." - The Source, 1991. Check out the full album review below if you wanna save a copy.