July 10, 2017

Hus Kingpin & Big Ghost Ltd "Cocaine Beach" (Album Stream)

"Ayo the world is in turmoil b. I dont kno if yall heard but it turns out that global warming is a real thing. Icebergs meltin.. ocean levels rising...islands disappearing n shit..n the bee population is droppin at a CATASTROPHIC rate nahmean. Colony Collapse Disorder is real yo. Worker bees jus up n leave the hive n the queen gets left behind wit all the young bees to figure shit out on they own. Shit is tragic. Who is raising these young bees...b? Before you get to thinkin OH WELL ITS JUST BEES I GOT MY OWN PROBLEMS YO you gotta think bout the economical n agricultural impact that shit has. That shit affects you whether you kno it or not my g.. Ima break down the science for yall. First off bees dont only pollinate begonias n daffodils n shit.. They pollinate crops...such as fruits n veggies namsayin. So say you a mango or nectarine farmer n you gotta weak ass harvest on ya hands cuz the bees aint around to pollinate ya fruits n whatever...but you still gotta pay the fruit pickers n cop new tractors n shit.. You got no choice but to up the prices nahmean. So you sell that shit to Whole Foods for double...then Whole Foods turns around n doubles that price.. Next thing you kno people forced to pay $18.99/lb for damn nectarines. Regular hardworking families start takin out loans n killin they credit rating to buy produce for they babies n shit. Or worse..they say FUCK ALL THAT n stop eatin fruits n vegetables. Next thing ya whole family got scurvy b. You end up losin ya job cuz you never show up for work cuz you dyin from scurvy.. You got no health insurance.. Amidst all this fuckshit you still gotta worry bout all these environmental disasters...hurricanes, typhoons, fuckin tsunamis n shit. Meanwhile Korean Joffrey Baratheon tryna blow up the fuckin Western Hemisphere n Trump stays playin wild dick flute solos for Putin. AND you realize the KKK is alive n well on top of all this shit. Not just racist crackers in general.. cuz those inbreds never went nowhere...but these organized white nationalist supremacist shitheads n the nazi fuckfaces. And here come Kendall Jenner handin out Pepsis. All we got left is art. If you slept on Cocaine Beach its cool.. your loss G" - Big Ghost. Had to update to share that, stream it below.