July 12, 2017

Cage "Agent Orange" (The Source, 7/97)

"The verdict's been in. The form of shock-hip-hop labeled "horrorcore" that enjoyed some burn a few years back was about as interesting as a bad hangover. Granted, I'm as big a Gravediggaz fan as anyone, but basically, you'd have to possess some sort of sick gift in order to pull of that kind of act today. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Cage. Dancing on the tombstone of horrorcore's long-buried corpse, this New York underground MC's single forges into its own steez of lunatic-fringe hysteria - Cage, and producer accomplice Necro, save their best move for the ingenious B-side, the Clockwork Orange homage, "Agent Orange." Lifting its melody from the motion picture's theme music and its chorus from the Genius' Liquid Swords album intro, Cage frenziedly transports futuristic ultraviolent thug life mentalities to fantasmagorical rhyme ciphers. "See me twisting leak with my peeps from psychiatrics / Get high, run up in your crib and fuck your moms backwards / Lost in the dust / Don't give a fuck about dangerous / I'm in it for the whip, plus the cream and the headrussshhh..." Demented rap strikes again." - Sure Shot Single in The Source, July 1997.