July 13, 2017

Bomb Shelta Association "Rebirth" (1998)

A "wow" throwback to the year 1998... Eternia was in 11th grade at the time! That's crazy. The crew was called Bomb Shelta and in '98, their album was called "Rebirth." In the MySpace days, the page said, "Formed in 1995 by Shylow, Fear and former member DJ Sinn, the BSA stood as a collective of MC's, DJ's and producers from across Ontario who's associations with one another were used to assist and better serve their common artistic goals as well as their individual endeavors .... "The Rebirth" album was recorded in 97/98; it was never released commercially, but garnered critical praise and gained worldwide recognition through word of mouth, hand to hand sales, and the internet." It's been a lot of years since I put this song on, but below is the 1998 track, "Seven Deadly Ciphers." Props to Shylow & Expertise of "First Division" and of course, Eternia, who sounds NOTHING like this today! I trust this'll get a reboot one day soon for those that missed it in 1998.