July 08, 2017

Da Buze Bruvaz "Adebisi Hat" (Album Stream)

Da Buze Bruvaz are a hardcore rap duo from Philadelphia. Him-Lo and Clever One are both members of the legendary NY posse the LoLifes, founded by Thirstin Howl 3rd. Known for their outlandishly over the top non politically correct lyrics. They’re a throwback to early, mid-90’s underground Hip-Hop. Though they have released limited collectors edition vinyl in the past, this is their first official LP. It has the rawness of a season of OZ in rhyme form, and should be taken with that type of entertainment value. "It should probably be rated at least R, if not X. Definitely not for Kids, maybe not even for some adults," says their press release. Listen to Da Buze Bruvaz's raw release "Adebisi Hat" below and man, if you've never watched HBO's OZ, go back and watch it ASAP!