July 22, 2017

Sto The Last "Afropunk 2017 Set" (EP Stream)

As I always say, creators are gonna create. Regardless of the medium, there are people born with innate talents and they manifest in different ways. Enter the good brother, Sto The Last. I don't know what talent came first: his writing, rhyming, poetry or his people skills, but combined they could turn any introvert into an artist on their way to Afropunk to perform in front of thousands of people. Sto & I have crossed digital paths countless times over the years; in many ways he reminds me of a good friend named Praverb, may he Rest in Peace. A selfless brother who put the culture first and nurtured relationships to the tune of others finding paths to success. Both of them MCs who found writing along the way, too. Sto works at Dead End Hip-Hop - home of some of the best album reviews - and has taken a crack at artist publicity where he's already seen success. When I read on my timeline that he was a contestant in the running for a slot on Afropunk, I was quick to lend my vote(s) and was proud to see he was chosen out of many to perform. Posted to Bandcamp is Sto's Afropunk EP; it's 5 short tracks, but it packs plenty of content. It feels good to see good people win; our wins are always hard-earned & less publicized. That said, dig into the EP, and as always, I recommend you follow the breadcrumbs wherever they take you. (Updated)