July 03, 2017

Eternia "Much Vibe Commercial" (Video, 2002)

"As a Canadian youth, I watched Much Music rather religiously... especially documentary-style news programs like The New Music as well as off-beat specialties like RU Receiving and The Wedge (Big up Sook-Yin Lee! Big up Larissa Gulka!). In one particular episode of The New Music, there was a spotlight on this Toronto based event called Honey Jam which was an all female showcase of urban artists, one of which was Eternia. I remember thinking about how bold it was that she was one of few rappers amidst a majority of r&b songstresses, rolling with the boys but still holding it down for - and with - the ladies. This was obviously long before I ever saw myself as someone who would dabble with writing bars at all. I just loved the idea of an all female showcase of that type. I loved the sense of community and support Honey Jam evoked by bringing these artists together. Back then and even more recently, I was often told that my singing voice was a strength, so I focused on building my strength as a singer-songwriter. Now that my horizons have broadened, hearing Eternia do her thing in present day induces some very potent feelings of nostalgia, pride and respect. I didn’t really follow her career closely over the years but I’d heard and wondered about her every now and then. This video makes me feel like I’m watching someone I grew up with achieve goals, slay the game, and “fight the system” ... the system that attempts to leave little room for obscure femme artists to blossom at the forefront of their scenes. Many are dismantling that system today and I’m pleased to give thanks to lyricist like Eternia who graciously lead the way." (This post was edited to include writing via @Arbor_Vitae's IG in 2019... because it fit this perfectly. Thank you).