July 17, 2017

Eternia "Where I'm At: The Setup" (July 17, 2007)

"Where I'm At: The Setup continues the honest, heartfelt, sometimes feminist raps that were such a dominant and refreshing part of Eternia's debut, It's Called Life. From an often personal perspective, E opens up about love gone wrong ("On and On,” "You Ain't Real” and "Hold On”); abusive relationships on "M.V.P.” with Toya Alexis; the difficulties of being female in the often misogynist, breast-obsessed world of hip-hop ("Throw Some D's”); and the struggles that exist on the hard streets on "Struggle” with Wordsworth and Kenn Starr. A new New York resident, Eternia also gets homesick for Toronto on "The Mega,” "Northside '07” and "Homebase” with Nick Fury and Freestyle. Those familiar with Eternia will know she's equally skilled with raw braggadocio battle raps, which are displayed here in equal measure. She claims dopest female credentials on "The Setup,” wears the pants in the relationship fantasy of club track "Like a Boy,” eats your food on the extended metaphor of "Dinner is Served” and just generally brags and boasts on posse cut "Ladies & Gentlemen” with Polyrhythmaddicts. The beats, both dubs and exclusives, are an equal mix of banging boom-bap and smooth grooves, although there tends to be a high ratio of soulful R&B, which goes overboard on "Upgrade You” and "On Blast.” With a good mix demonstrating her varied skills, The Setup might just earn Eternia the respect she deserves Stateside." - Exclaim! Celebrate it's 10th anniversary below!