March 12, 2020

Allen Iverson "The Crossover" (March 12, 1997)

Allen Iverson came into the NBA as the No. 1 overall pick from the 1996 NBA Draft. The Georgetown product would go on to own the NBA during his prime, with his impact both on the court and culturally shaping the league for the decade that followed. But on March 12, 1997, it was one single play against Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan that we remember as Iverson’s announcement to the league. 23 years later, take it back to '97 and watch him cross-up Jordan. Iverson was one of my favorite players to watch - he had heart and fans genuinely wanted to see him overcome his struggles and succeed. Philadelphia has always been a working-class town and that extends to its artists and sometimes the fabric of the players their team's attract. He rep'd well. So far I haven't seen an Iverson documentary that showcases his full impact on and off the court.