July 07, 2015

The Beatnuts "Stone Crazy" (The Source, 7/97)

"The more you listen to the Beatnuts, the less you hear. Stone Crazy sounds like the work of connected long-shoremen. An inside job too good to be true. Concocted deep within the bowels of hip-hop's underground, Junkyard Ju-Ju and Psycho Les have created an album that once again takes us into their bizarre world where nobody's safe, the girls look so good and punks jump up to get beat down. With their debut EP, Intoxicated Demons, and 1994's still enjoyable, self-titled full-length, Les and Ju-Ju have exhibited a strict adherence to extolling the virtues of "fucking, drinking and smoking some shit," and with their latest (minus former partner Al' Tariq), these Latin playboys continue to bring the ruckus... As always, the Beatnuts say what they mean and mean what they say with a keen eye to every blow by blow detail." Peep "Off The Books," featuring Pun, below...

"While misogynist rants are in full effect, the record does have a darker, more sinister vibe as evidenced by the album's more enjoyable songs like the cryptic "N!ggaz Know," and the unabashed male bravado that laces the body of this album. Although the beats, this time around, aren't as instantly enticing as in the past, the psychedelic samples, lush melodramatic strings, and rough 4-track textures, coupled with the ever-improving rhyme flows of the two MCs, more than compensates. You'd be Stone Crazy to sleep on this record." - The Source, July 1997.