July 22, 2015

Eternia "Off The Radar" (The Source, June/July 2010)

"Whoever declared Hip-Hop a man's treasure trove struck fool's good. Canadian MC Eternia is determined to break this misconception by proving that your favorite rapper can wear a skirt. Having conquered the independent circuit, the femcee has earned the admiration of both genders through her music. Her 2009 Get Caught Up mixtape garnered accolades across the board, fueled by the blogger and fan favorite "Foul Child." While composing her upcoming LP, At Last with MoSS, Eternia, a DJ Premier signee, chose to eliminate all label politics and shop the project with her PNC. "We kept it completely under wraps. No manager input, no label input, nothing. It was just us!" With the raw guitar riffs on "Day In The Life" and the lyrical carnage on "It's Funny," featuring Joel Ortiz, At Last strays away from the sound of industry paramour Nicki Minaj and her Barbie movement. But don't get it twisted; Eternia embraces her female counterpart. "I don't hate on [Nicki Minaj] at all. She's still paving the way. There's too few of us to be mad at each other." And with Eternia ready at the helm, ladies' night is in full effect." - The Source, June/July 2010. One small correction to this article: it was MoSS who was a signee to DJ Premier via DJ Premier's Works of Mart production company (at the time). Eternia & MoSS - as a group - were signed to Fat Beats Records.